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Reflexology is an ancient healing art, dating back 5000 years.

By applying finger pressure to specific points on the feet thousands of nerve endings can be stimulated on the sole of each foot sending healing messages to the corresponding parts of the body. This action is thought to influence the lymphatic system, improve circulation and help the body flush out toxins thus improving the function of both mind and body.

Reflexology is an extremely gentle and safe therapy which can be used to treat all ages – from tiny babies to people in their 90’s or older!  It complements all forms of standard medical treatment and has been shown to help speed recovery following illness.

Treatments last approximately 45 - 60 minutes using either or both of the following:

I find reflexology to be an excellent therapy to use alongside nutrition and lifestyle changes, due to its influence on rebalancing all of the body’s systems, as well as its ability to create total relaxation which is lacking in the majority of peoples lives.

Many of my nutrition clients continue to come to me for regular reflexology treatments for relaxation and maintenance for many years after they have resolved their initial health issues.

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